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Provided by The Irish Times Grind Schools

the major players...

Address: Leeson St, Dublin 2
Number of Leaving Cert sits 2007: 658

By far the biggest grind school in the country, the Institute was founded by Raymond Kearns in 1969, shortly after the introduction of free education. It is a fifth and sixth year college as well as a repeat school. It also provides weekly subject courses and holiday revision courses.

Address: 12/14 The Crescent, Limerick
Number of Leaving Cert Sits 2007: 244

Founded by Dr John O'Halloran in 1985. Limerick Tutorial College has grown from 25 students to being one of the biggest feeder schools to the University of Limerick. While it provides full-time tuition for fifth and sixth year students, it mainly caters for repeat students.

Address: The Grammar School Building, College Road, Galway
Number of Leaving Cert Sits 2007: 183

College was founded in 1992 by Terry Fahy. The College offers an intensive one-year programme for first time and repeat Leaving Certificate students, as well as an extensive two-year programme for fifth year students. It also offers a pre-medical course. There is another branch of Yeats College in Waterford city.

Address: Audley House, St Patricks Hill, Cork (see right)
Number of Leaving Cert Sits 2007: 149

As well as a fifth, sixth and repeat year Leaving Cert college, Bruce College has expanded into the junior cycle. Bruce Junior College was established in 1999, making the college the first fully independent private school to successfully establish a junior cycle for first, second and third years.

Address: Hewitt House, 24 St Patricks Hill, Cork
Number of Leaving Cert Sits 2007: 126

Established in the year 2000, Hewitt College offers a range of programmes, including a new three-year Leaving Cert programme that will allow students to matriculate in certain Leaving Cert subjects at the end of fifth year. The Department of Education stipulates that there must be a period of at least two years between the candidate's completion of transition year or the junior cycle, whichever is the later, and the sitting of the Leaving Certificate. Hence the three-year Leaving Cert programme.

Address: Oakpark, Tralee, Co Kerry
Number of Leaving Cert Sits 2007: 118

Originally called Tralee Tuition Centre, Brookfield College was established in 1988. Initially the school offered grinds and revision courses to second level students. In 1993 it began taking in repeat students on a full-time basis. It now offers a full senior cycle and its students come from all over Kerry.

Address: Main St, Templeogue, Dublin 6W
Number of Leaving Cert Sits 2006: 118

Founded in 1977, Ashfield College offers a wide range of academic programmes, from children's educational enrichment programmes (FasTracKids) to the Leaving Cert and a variety of accredited certificates, diplomas and post graduate diplomas.

The colleges above are those with a Leaving Cert enrolment of at least 100. There are smaller colleges situated all over the country.

Another phenomenon is the tuition college, such as Millstreet Study Centre in Galway and the West Limerick Tutorial Centre. These offer grinds and revision courses but stop short of providing full-time tuition.

Perhaps the biggest grind providers are individual teachers providing one-to-one and small group tuition in their local areas across the country.

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