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Welcome to Junior Cycle Maths!

   Explore Maths
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   Maths Study Notes provides online, interactive, multimedia lessons that bring Maths to life and help with the areas of Maths that students typically find most difficult such as algebra, geometry and trigonometry. These lessons also teach the key mathematical skill of problem-solving, which is critical to all areas of Maths, whether in the classroom, for home work or in an exam. The lessons allow you to test your understanding and gain confidence in your Maths skills with specially-designed interactions.

Material covering other key areas of the Junior Cycle curriculum can be found in the Maths sections of Explore and the Exam Centre.

New - Interactive Simulations

Check out our new Maths simulations that cover the areas of Co-ordinates, Axial Symmetry and Angle Types. These short simulations will reinforce your understanding of difficult mathematical concepts. Using these sims, you can get a real sense of the subject and even apply it to abstract concepts.

    Maths - Interactive Simulations
Axial Symmetry
Angle Types

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All Maths content on is developed by experienced Maths teachers and reflects the new Junior Cycle Maths curriculum aswell as the latest Department of Education guidelines.

To find out about the Subject Experts who have helped create these lessons, click here.

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