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Poet Weblinks

Seamus Heaney
Study guide aimed at GCSE students, discussing a number of poems by Heaney including ‘Follower’ and ‘Mid-Term Break’. The site provides short but useful notes on Heaney’s poems. Note: text of poems not included.
Selection of poems, biography, Nobel Prize citation and ‘Crediting Poetry’ Heaney’s Nobel Lecture.

W.B. Yeats
The Academy of American Poets’ page dedicated to W.B. Yeats is a useful starting point to discovering more about the poet. The page includes a brief biography of the author, a selection of poems including ‘When You Are Old’ and an excellent links section. The page also features a rare opportunity to hear Yeats read ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’.

Patrick Kavanagh
The level of this site is more suited to those studying the Leaving Certificate, however it includes a detailed biography, critical commentaries on a number of Kavanagh’s poems as well as a useful section on style and technique. Bookmark it for the years ahead!

Wendy Cope
Fifteen poems by Wendy Cope including ‘Tich Miller. Many of the poems included explore Cope’s interest in comic verse and offer an accessible introduction to her work.

Siegfried Sassoon
Site dedicated to the work of Siegfried Sassoon with a strong emphasis on his war poetry. It includes detailed biographical information, poem texts as well as a good glossary of terms.

Wilfred Owen
Website dedicated to World War I poets. The section on Wilfred Owen includes biographical information, text of a number of poems including ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ as well as links to other sites with details on the poet’s life and works.

Robert Frost
A site dedicated to America’s best-loved poet. The page includes a selection of essays, Frost’s speech for the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy as well as audio files of the poet reading (.wav format).

William Carlos Williams
University of Boston’s Al Filreis gives an excellent introduction to some of Williams’ best-loved poems including ‘This is Just to Say’. The page includes video lectures by Dr Filreis as well as audio files of Williams readings. The standard is high however the content is suitable for interested students. Note: scroll down the page to find the section on Williams.

William Shakespeare
An excellent site on Shakespeare’s sonnets that offers a detailed examination of the history, context, themes, controversies and misunderstandings concerning the famous sequence. The site also has detailed criticism on some of the best-known poems. Suitable for teachers.

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