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Guide To The Oral Exams

The Leaving Cert Oral Exams generally take place over a two-week period in schools around the country. Depending on your location and subject choice, you will be examined in Irish one week and French, German or Spanish in the other.

We have compiled a series of comprehensive guides to assist you in your preparation for these practical tests.

Written by experienced teachers and examiners, our guides to the oral exams in Irish, French and German are designed to help ease your nerves, build up your vocabulary and ensure you do yourself justice on the day.

Each guide offers guidance on exam structure and strategy, preparation tips, sample dialogue or illustrations of best practice, plus a helpful summary of the examiners’ comments on what the keys are to a good performance.

Click on the flags below to see the guide to that language's Oral Exam.

Irish Flag French Flag 
Need to practise for the oral French exam? Try skoool's Interactive French lessons for both Junior and Leaving Cert supported by AXA
German Flag
Tá Gaeilge agam!
For an up-to-date guide to the Irish oral exam, click here.
Je parle francais!
For an up-to-date guide to the French oral exam - click here.
Ich spreche Deutsch!
For an up-to-date guide to the German oral exam, click here.
For Leaving Cert Irish Study Notes, click here. For Leaving Cert French Study Notes, click here. For Leaving Cert German Study Notes, click here.
  For interactive lessons in Leaving Cert French, click here.  

Ask The Expert

If you still require specific answers to nagging questions, or if you are looking for further guidance, then check out Ask the Expert, where you can view expert responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the Irish and French oral exams.

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