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Study Guides
Helping you get the results you need.


Study Guides

  Junior Certificate

Worried about your upcoming exams? Having trouble coping with stress?

Fear not – in conjunction with The Irish Times brings you expert advice, essential tips
and sample questions and answers.

We have grouped the content by subject and also feature experiences of A1 students.
The articles are in PDF format.

Study Guide 1

How I did it my way  part 1  part 2


Practical poetry:
How to tackle the big question
  part 1
  part 2   

Unfolding the drama question  part 1  part 2  



A road-map to success on the day of the exam  part 1 part 2
Mapping out the answers to the big questions  part 1 part 2


This is the business: how to be prepared  part 1 part 2   

Holding yourself to account  part 1 part 2   


Study Guide 2

How to study like a star part 1   part 2


Watch your language get you good results  part 1  part 2   

The luck of the irish  part 1  part 2  



Putting some French polish on your letters   part 1 part 2
A french toast to a good end result   part 1 part 2


Get to know the history boys   part 1 part 2   

History's long legacy   part 1 part 2     


Study Guide 3

Getting the right balance   part 1   part 2


Maths for the masses  part 1  part 2   

Tackling Paper Two   part 1  part 2  



Experiment with success  part 1  part 2 

Keep your hair on - it's only science   full article 


Get to grips with government   part 1 part 2 

Action Stations   part 1 part 2   

Lots of tips & advice from A1 students of 2007
about preparing for the exams.


 The A1 student - English  

Junior Cert English student




 The A1 student - Geography

Junior Cert Geography student



 The A1 student - Business

Junior Cert Business student

 The A1 student - Irish  

Junior Cert Irish Student

  The A1 student - French

Junior Cert French Student

  The A1 student - History

Junior Cert History Student

 The A1 student - Science 

Junior Cert Science Student

  The A1 student - Science

Junior Cert Science Student


 The A1 student - CSPE

Junior Cert CSPE Student

Click here for Junior Certificate exam timetables

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Note: Some of the the archived study material may differ from this year’s exam syllabus.

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