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Most of these answers are general in nature and will be relevant for both the fifth year and the sixth year syllabus.

However, some questions may be syllabus specific. The content for each syllabus can be viewed on the English Homepages in the Exam Centre.

There are different lists of stand alone texts, comparative texts, comparative modes and potery prescribed for each year.

Q81. » When answering poetry questions,E.g discuss Dickinsons Poetry, Do you actually get any marks for talking about her upbringing, religous views, anti-social behaviour and schools she went to and that her father was a lawyer. Would I be wasting my time talking about this sort of thing and then moving on to talk about her poetry. Should I stick to the actual poetry side of things and leave out all that beating about the bush,basically does that personal info get you marks or just waste your time?
Q82. » in the sample papers provided by the department, the question on literary genre asked about the creation of characters or the effectiveness of endings and beginnings. can they be that specific?when it did actually come up in the leaving cert a few years ago, it was a very general question as it was in our mocks. Shouldnt it stay general?
Q83. » Do you reckon Kingship is going to come up in Macbeth this year?
Q84. » How many poems should you write about in answering the poetry question in the Leaving Cert?
Q85. » what poets do you think are due up this tear. I am trying to studt robert frost right now and i hate him. Can i leave him out???
Q86. » would i be safe if i study the 3 irish poets on our course, mahon,heaney and kavanagh!as an irish poet always comes up!
Q87. » In Wuthering Heights would it be correct to say that heathcliff and catherines love which grows stronger under hindley and josephs reign as they unite together is similar to the development and growth of hareton and young cathys love for one another under heathcliff reign as they too unite together when under a dictatorship.
Q88. » i have a question;write a personal response to the poetry of William Wordsworth.could you tell me what themes i should deal with?
Q89. » What is Literary Genre???? How would you answer a question on it? Does it just involve examining the narriaive styles? Help!
Q90. » how long should comparative answers be?

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