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Most of these answers are general in nature and will be relevant for both the fifth year and the sixth year syllabus.

However, some questions may be syllabus specific. The content for each syllabus can be viewed on the English Homepages in the Exam Centre.

There are different lists of stand alone texts, comparative texts, comparative modes and potery prescribed for each year.

Q31. » In an imagery question how many points should you include? i have (in an answer plan) evil/darkness, internal and external disorder (nature etc.), image of sleep, loss of innocence . altogether it takes up about 3 pages. Should i include clothing and images of false apperance ? are they important? or are my points sufficient? thanks!! this day next week its all over!
Q32. » this is a long one now.... in a poetry answer, if having discussed a poem in depth but you wish to refer to that poem again when addressing a separate point, is it possible to just refer to that poem in passing, without going into all the detail again?
Q33. » In the comparitive essay is it ok to just use parts of the film/text.. for example is it ok just to use the 1st half of the film in your essay if it ties in better with the comparisons?or do i have to compare the whole film?Please Help im very lost!
Q34. » have you any tips for what type of question will come up in the comparative question
Q35. » in a poetry personal response how do you konw which poems to pick for a certain catagory ie imagery
Q36. » How many quotes do you think is neccesry to learn for the drama section?
Q37. » have you any notes on Oedipus the King-sophocles???????
Q38. » will I be able to change down from higher level to take a pass paper on the day of my exam?
Q39. » In the comparitive question must you mention all 3 texts together or can you discuss two and then mention the third in the last paragraph
Q40. » Im very stuck!i cant seem to understand Mending wall by Robert Frost the poem makes no sense to me!could you give me a quick run down on the poem please!thanks

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