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Most of these answers are general in nature and will be relevant for both the fifth year and the sixth year syllabus.

However, some questions may be syllabus specific. The content for each syllabus can be viewed on the English Homepages in the Exam Centre.

There are different lists of stand alone texts, comparative texts, comparative modes and potery prescribed for each year.

Q201. » Can you give me some points on kingship in Macbeth?
Q202. » If, on a comparative studies question, you are not told how many texts to refer to, can you do just two? How do I start and finish this question?
Q203. » if a theme came up in the ordinary level comparitive course would they give you the theme to talk about or do you pick a theme yourself?tanx
Q204. » What are some of the major preoccupations of Sylvia Plath?
Q205. » is it true that a women poet always comes up in the ordinary level poetry?
Q206. » Do text images come up on the paper every year where you write a story prompted by that image? If so, how relevant does your story have to be to the image?
Q207. » When doing comparative questions, particularly the ones in which you are asked to refer to two of the texts you have studied, is it essential to use your Shakespearian work as a comparison, or is it OK to use the film and the other text for example?
Q208. » From looking through my sample papers I saw that in both Section B and C,there has been a question asking you to write an obituary. How would you go about this?
Q209. » in the comparative if they ask you a question on cultural context in relation to one of your texts do you start comparing it with your other texts or do you just talk about the cultural context in it on its own?thanks
Q210. » our class are doing cinema paradiso as one of our comparative texts our teacher chose to watch the directors cut, is it ok to talk about this version?

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