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Here are the FAQs for CAO and College queries.

Click on the question to see the full answer provided by our Education Consultants. If you found the answer useful, you can give it a rating for other users to refer to.

Note that points requirements etc differ each year.

Q11. » I have been offered my second choice. Can I defer this offer until next year and reapply to the CAO for my first choice in 2004 and still keep that offer? Thank you.
Q12. » I got 2offers from the CAO yesterday-degree in New Media and English in UL and diploma in Art and Design at the Limerick School of Art and I dont know which to take! I would enjoy the art much more, but what about employment prospects?If I studied English Id have more certainty.UL also has much better facilities on offer.What is your advice?Can I study the art for a year, decide to change to the English, and submit my 500 points that I got this year back into the CAO System?
Q13. » Ive accepted an offer for abroad through UCAS and I now want to reject my CAO offer. How do I do that? Do I just ignore it?
Q14. » Will I only be offered 1 choice in the second round offers, because i only got 1 choice in the 1st round?
Q15. » Where can I get information on Further Education including PLC courses?
Q16. » I repeated my Leaving this year. Last year I did the LCVP but did not do it again this year. Can the points I earned from LCVP in 2002 be carried over to this year for CAO purposes. Please answer.... Ive tried everywhere else and am getting conflicting advice!!
Q17. » How are A levels converted? How many subjects can you use? Do all colleges use the same system for scoring?
Q18. » Due to history in Trinity going up to 510 from 475 and me only getting 500, i have had to accept commerce in UCD. If i get enough points for History in Trinity on the appeals is it possible to change from commerce in UCD to History in Trinity midway through October when the appeal results come out?
Q19. » I got my 1st choice (arts-ucd) by 100 points but now Iíve decided i want to go to galway to do the same there any way i could transfer after a few weeks?
Q20. » Where can I get further information on viewing scripts and the appeals process?

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