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Most of these answers are general in nature and will be relevant for both the fifth year and the sixth year syllabus.

However, some questions may be syllabus specific. The content for each syllabus can be viewed on the English Homepages in the Exam Centre.

There are different lists of stand alone texts, comparative texts, comparative modes and potery prescribed for each year.

Q141. » The poetry questions on the honours English paper for the last two years seem to have all been either a personal response or an introduction or presentation to the poet. In the case of an introduction / presentation, should it be structured as a personal response, or should it be approached more specifically, e.g. by focussing in on a theme or main idea in the poet’s work?
Q142. » I got 49% in the mock english exam and my teacher says I am taking a risk taking the higher level paper. Now I didnt do very much study and i think i will be somewhat better prepared for the real exam yet I dont want to fail it.Have you any advice. Plus what is the layout of the poetry question at ordinary it simply 4 peoms listed and you answer a question on one of them.
Q143. » How do I begin Paper 1? Which section should I start with?
Q144. » For paper 2 are quotes essential? I know my material well enough and can back up with reference to the texts but not with direct quotes. Also when answering poetry do you need to know positioning of quotes?
Q145. » In the poetry section in the Higher Level English L.C. paper, should you go poem by poem or theme by theme. Or does it depend on the type of question? Thanx.
Q146. » With respect to the more vague narrative/aesthetic essay titles, need your composition be linked to the overall theme of the paper?
Q147. » LEAVING CERT HIGHER LEVEL: When studying my single text, Wuthering Heights, I have frequently come across questions in the form of statements, that require me to write my response, agreeing or disagreeing. My problem is that sometimes I both agree AND disagree! For example: Heathcliff is a character more sinned against than sinner. Can I present both sides of my views or will I lose marks for not being through on one view? This has been bugging me for ages, please help!
Q148. » Any overall tips for a higher level student who got 47% in the mocks and is worried about failing? for eg. where could i pick up a few extra marks? what impresses examiners besides originality!??
Q149. » Juniot Cert (Honours) Can I write a review on my studied novel in the functional part of paper I in the J.C. if I use it for the studied drama part on paper 2
Q150. » higher level-for the macbeth question (as a single text) you get a choice of two questions, is one of them always in relation to a character(s), and the other a theme? does that mean that I could for eg. focus on characters only?

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