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Q. » theres a rumour going round that an essay on macduff is coming up this year and i want to be prepared jst incase so could you tell me what i could write about regarding macduff in relation to the main character macbeth?thank u!x
A. » Rumours rumours.... Some points on Macduff to consider:

1 As a patriot
He is suspicious of Macbeth from the start and refuses to attend the coronation. "Adieu / Lest our old robes sit easier than our new"{Act 2 Scene 4 L37-39}
He emerges as a patriot, determined to right his country’s wrongs, loyal to Malcolm and to the memory of Duncan. He convinces the doubting and suspicious Malcolm of his honesty and integrity.{Act 4 Scene 3}

2 Why did he desert his family?
"Why in the rawness left you wife and child…without leave taking? {Malcolm Act 4 Scene 3 L26}
"His love for his country, so strongly marked in the scene with Malcolm is evidently his one motive" [AC Bradley]. "He is noble, wise, judicious and best knows the fits of the season. {Ross Act 4 Scene 4}

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