7 Effective Tips to Publish Kindle eBook on Amazon

Amazon Know-How to Self Publishing

It has never been easier to self-publish a book than now. With the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform, you can publish your eBook in just a matter of a few short minutes!

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform:

  • You, as the author, can publish in no time at all!
  • Publish for FREE
  • Keep the copyrights
  • Publish on your schedule, not someone else’s
  • Distribute your book globally
  • Authors receive royalties of 70%

self publishing kindle ebook guide

Very appealing, right? I think so! I started out with one book, and I have now published several more and have since created a generous four figure monthly income! I’m currently experimenting with various niches, techniques, strategies, and methods, all of which I will be sharing right here on the blog. I will also be sharing some major Kindle eBook Publishing secrets to the folks that have signed up for the newsletter, so be sure to get signed up!

Now, let’s discuss why you should publish a Kindle eBook, and how it can help your business!

1. It’s Really Pretty Simple…

I won’t go into a great length of detail here on the exact steps of publishing your eBook (there’s an entire post coming up, just on that process),  but I will discuss why I think it’s a simple process, and I think you’ll find it simple too!

You decide on the topic for your book, sit down and write it, or have it written (outsourcing), dump it into a text editor (Word comes to mind here), format it, and you’re set to publish!

Obviously, there’s a little more to it than just that, but for the most part, that’s the gist of it all. You sign up for your Kindle Direct Publishing account and follow the instructions to get your account setup. After that, you’re set to upload and publish your book! Again, I realize there is a lot more involved in the process of getting set up, which is why I will be creating a complete series of blog posts on publishing a Kindle eBook from start to finish, in great detail — you won’t want to miss it!

2. It’s Amazon…

Publishing an eBook with KDP allows you to make use of Amazon’s platform! How cool is that? Hundreds of thousands of people visit Amazon.com daily, looking to make a purchase and consume content. Amazon has even repeatedly shared that their pricing structure on their Kindle units yields little to zero profit and that they are generating their revenue from the Kindle by consumers purchasing the digital products through their Kindle. Makes sense, right? If you said “yes,” then why not join KDP and get a piece of the pie?


3. Great Traffic Generation Opportunities…

Whether you are a seasoned SEO professional, or new to creating websites and content on the internet, I’m sure you’ve heard of SEO (search engine optimization) by now. Moreover, I’m sure you’ve read an article or two, or few hundred, about what Google is up to with regards to SEO, and when the next “update” will hit.  These updates typically pose a negative impact on websites and/or content in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Well, with KDP, there’s no need to worry about this! Finally, for once, you get to divorce Google and focus your attention on the content you’re producing! When you publish your eBook on KDP, the search results that are returned from customers searching the Kindle eBook store are not affected or manipulated by Google. The traffic is already there, hundreds of thousands of hungry customers are coming to Amazon daily, ready to buy content– so feed them! Be sure of course, to include a link to your blog/e-mail list, etc.. inside of your book!

4. Passive Profits…

One of the benefits I really value with KDP is the passiveness of it all. By passive, I’m referring to the fact that I put in the work upfront to write, publish, and market the book(s), and then once it has been uploaded for sale on Amazon, there is nothing else I need to do to actually make a sale! For example, a book that I publish today could hypothetically continue to generate income for months to come, with no additional work!

5. Massive Brand Awareness…

When you publish your eBook on KDP, you’re putting your eBook in front of hundreds of thousands of people! You have the opportunity to introduce your brand/product/blog to thousands of people that otherwise would not be exposed to your brand/product/blog.

Just think about all of the possibilities of getting your business in front of thousands of people!

6. Get Paid to Write About Your Passion…

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your passion that you’re writing about, but let’s face it; it’s going to be that much more enjoyable if you are writing about something that you enjoy and are passionate about. To think that you could produce content that you enjoy or have a passion for, and get paid for writing about it, I’d say “sign me up now!” Pretty cool, eh?

If it’s something you’re passionate about, chances are, there are hundreds of others, if not thousands of other people out there that have a passion for it as well and would love to purchase your eBook. So what are you waiting for? Figure out your passion, and get to writing. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be paid for writing about your passion!

7.  Wash, Rinse, and Repeat…

It’s an overused cliche, I know, but it fits well for the sake of this post. Once you’ve become familiar with the process of publishing on KDP, you’ll be hooked, I promise! So get ready to have the urge to publish multiple eBooks after your first one, if you’re not already. If you’re anything like me, you’ll get to a point to where you want to start creating “systems” around publishing eBooks.

Scale It: When you get to the point to where you’ve published a couple of eBooks and you’re starting to see money coming in, you can easily scale your Kindle eBook publishing efforts! Take some of the royalties you’re getting from your current books, and put it towards the creation and publishing of additional books! ..See what we’re doing here? Wash, rinse, and repeat until you’ve formed yourself a nice little system!

Share Your Thoughts, Ideas, Comments, or Questions!

Have you ever published an eBook on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform before? If so, how was your experience? If you haven’t, what questions do you have for me? Can you see the opportunities that open up for your business with the idea of publishing on Kindle?

And that’s not even scratching the surface of what’s possible with the online business platform such as Amazon.com.

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The Basic Knowledge About Media Monitoring

media tips

The processor action of actively reviewing, monitoring, or evaluating broadcast, online, or print media is classified as a task known as media monitoring. Media monitoring is also described as a systematic and methodical recording or transcribing of any type of media published whether it is online, via television or radio broadcasts, or printed materials. Press clippings, blogs, articles, or audiovisual clips are also included in media monitoring. It is a broad category indeed.

Why Media Monitoring?

Clients who use media monitoring do so with the intended purpose of understanding how social media works in the influence of their brand or company. Media monitoring is oftentimes provided by a publicist that is hired from outside of the company or from someone who has a long-term relationship with the company on the inside. The size of the company is usually the deciding factor in how this form of monitoring is conducted since there can be a considerable difference in price.

What Happens with Media Monitoring?

Media monitors (whether they are the in-house publicist or outside media monitoring firms) track and record the number of times the individual company was cited or discussed within a blog, magazine, newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, newscast, vlog cast, or another form of social, audio-visual, or print media. In the media monitoring communities, this is known as “clipping”. These clippings are then presented to the company, board of directors, or direct supervisor/requester in weekly or monthly reports. The monitoring results provide a company with helpful insight that can help them tailor their future campaigns based on what people have said on social media. These campaigns can certainly provide a company with the tools to get ahead when the results are properly executed.

How is Media Monitoring Achieved?

Advanced technology is the method in which most media monitoring is adhesive. These technologies are typically a combination of audio and video recordings, text recognition software, and speed text scanners. Human readers and expert analysts are also used to provide validity to the data that is being collected. Most companies prefer the automation process because it is less expensive and requires less manpower. Digital processes are also more desirable because they can employ the processes of data mining techniques across a variety of media all at one time.

Why Media Monitoring?

Media monitoring is vital to businesses in learning how their brand or publications are being reached. These “impressions” demonstrate to the client how many people the specific message, publication, article, or advertisement has reached. It is crucial to businesses in determining how effective a public relations campaign or another type of media campaign is working. Buzz Monitoring (typically related to social media monitoring) helps the company to determine how well the business, brand, or campaign is “liked” by the consumer. This can help executives fiscally allocate funds to the most beneficial campaigns. It also enables the company to build a loyal audience since campaigns are no longer targeted to the wrong individuals or for the wrong products or service.

Choosing a Media Monitoring Pro

When selecting an individual to fill the position of media monitor, it is essential that you choose the best man (or woman) for the job. Candidates who are most suitable for the job will possess certain qualities as well as qualifications. Whether you are hiring someone that is already working for your company or choose to take your needs to an outside source, it is important that you hire the right person for the job. Exactly who is the ‘right’ person to fill the position of a media monitoring pro?

First and foremost, a media monitoring pro should be enthusiastic about his or her job. When choosing someone for the position, ensure that they have a positive attitude and want to reflect a positive image and outcome for your company. It is usually not difficult to spot this quality in an individual. Experience is definitely helpful and appreciated, but do not automatically disqualify those who do not have a certain number of years of experience underneath their belt. Sometimes those fresh out of college are eager and willing to go the extra mile for your company and with minimal training can far exceed your expectations at a salary less than that of someone with four or five years’ of experience.

Individuals who are best for this position have a two-year degree in a related field and computing and software experience. Proper training in college certainly gives you far more confidence in the individual that you are hiring for this very important job that has a huge impact on the success (or lack thereof) of your business.

Individuals, who are outgoing, speak well in front of others and have lots of creativity do well in such a position as a media monitored. We all know that an individual with a shining personality can benefit any office setting and this includes yours! Make sure that you look for these qualities when searching for a media monitoring specialist to take care of your needs.

These are a few of the most important qualities to look for when you need a media monitoring specialist. You’ll know when the right person comes along, as long as you’re willing to use these tips.

Today the world is filled with an abundance of technology that almost everyone uses on a daily basis. This includes social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, although hundreds of others are also in existence. If you want to be a successful brand with a large audience and loyal followers, it is imperative that you have a great social media presence. This starts with your creative efforts and ends with the help of a media monitoring specialist. Your business is worth the effort, at least if you want things to be successful not only today but in the future as well.